Minimalism: What does it really mean? / by Romeo Shagba

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Minimalism: Sounds pretty simple, make something that is non complex.
Wrong!!! Minimalism is probably one of the hardest things ever.It takes a lot of innovation and thinking to come up with something that’s simple yet gets the emotions of the viewer or audience running effectively.
Earlier in my creative life I looked at minimalism as lazy and last minute, as I got more into the arts I noticed that the artists who pulled off proper minimalist work were geniuses. The work done by these artists took a lot of ingenuity and bright thinking and my calling them geniuses gets proven time after time as I come in contact with more and more work to prove that fact.
This is a video for the Indie band Hundred Waters titled “Cavity”
This video is one hell of an example of Minimalism at it’s highest form.Thanks to proper controlling of the lights and excellent camera work, Director Michael Langan and his wonderful team did this whole video with no help from CGI or visual effects and I’ve got to say, they pulled it off perfectly.I didn’t want to believe this until I saw an official comment from Michael Langan about how the video was made.

“I wanted to play with the idea of hollowness, attempting to define emptiness by its edges, visually.The effects in the clip were made not with computer graphics, but by using “a single flashlight, drawn slowly over the landscape and later ‘echoed’ up to 500 times to create patterns that fill the scene with light, we used a projector mounted on a motorised lazy Susan to achieve the ‘sliver’ shots of Nicole.”

Quote pulled from his interview with NPR

Take a look at the video and see what sparked this whole post.

Hundred Waters - Cavity | Directed by Michael Langan | "The Moon Rang Like a Bell" Out Now! iTunes: CD & Vinyl: Tour Dates: