SUPER! For JUICE Magazine (What Print thought me about Colour Management) / by Romeo Shagba

In August I got a taste of my first full magazine feature, I got to shoot the cover and an editorial for JUICE KL.
This experience thought me a lot of things about getting together a shoot, I had to shoot an editorial for 8 Artists spread around Kuala Lumpur and shoot it all within the span of 2 weeks.
It all seemed like an easy task until I found out that most of the artists had day jobs and only had the chance to shoot on weekends, at one point I caught myself pulling out a few hairs.It all worked out and the shoots were done (Phew).
It all went great, the artists were so friendly towards me and I loved the experience.
Fast forward 3 weeks later, the cover got published on JUICE’s Facebook page.I ran to their office to pick up the print copy.
I picked up the magazine I noticed something ; the colours were off.To make sure I wasn’t imagining things I opened up the files on the computer and I was right, the colours were translated wrongly in print.

What happened? I edited and sent the photos out in RGB and my screen wasn’t calibrated !!!!!!

**If you are not familiar with this:

**RGB is a colour profile: This refers to the colour space or range used by the computer to project images onto the computer screen mostly used for web publishing.

**Calibration is when the computer screen’s colours are set to an industry standard by using either hardware or software so as to give a more accurate projection of how the images look on every other screen or device.

These are simple mistakes that can be made by anyone and making it myself, it thought me a lesson : Always do a check before you submit any project to a client.
It was an amazing experience and now that I have studied these things thanks to Retouching Academy, I’m ready to take my next shoot by the horns.
For more on retouching and colour management do check out Fstoppers & Retouching Academy

Photos from the shoot with JUICE KL

SUPER! For JUICE Magazine
Shot By Romeo Shagba
Assisted By Mok MH @Curious Sphynx Studio