The Moving Image : My slow move to adapting motion in my work / by Romeo Shagba


In 2010 I got my first copy of the Adobe After Effects app, this was one of many apps contained in the Adobe Suite I was able to get at a heavily discounted price because Adobe sent some marketing reps to the university I was studying at.
For the next couple of years, I largely ignored After Effects because every time I opened up the application, I felt so overwhelmed that I would close it up after 5 minutes.
Years passed, I got better and better at taking photos and my overactive imagination began to wonder if I could do more. In 2013 I shot my first music video by convincing an artist that I could shoot a video for him at about 2% of the price it would take to shoot an industry standard music video ( Huge Mistake! ). I spent days before the video shoot learning how to colour grade, set up shots, direct, and how to cut the video with Adobe Premiere Pro. I got my 2 best friends together, we rented some lights, a dolly and went out to shoot. It was a mess on set; everyone was disorganised, we couldn’t keep to time, took forever for us to set up the dolly, we eventually finished shooting late into the night and I yelled cut. That began my journey into the magnificent and a lot of times painful journey in motion.

Fast forward to 2015, I’m pretty comfortable with shooting video.

Cut to a pitch meeting to shoot a commercial and my overestimation of my abilities led me to believe I could make the AD for half the budget by cutting out the Motion Graphic Designer and taking on that role myself. I pulled it off but at the expense of my mental health; the AD was pretty mediocre, the motion graphics I created by watching youtube tutorials for After Effects for about a week looked like a first year student’s assignment.

I pulled back after all this and dedicated the next few years to studying the art of motion; I watched documentaries, I binged LYNDA.COM tutorials, I said hi to After Effects first thing in the morning and ended my day with After Effects. I am now confident enough to correctly estimate what I am actually capable of doing in terms of creating the moving image ( most times )

This is a heavily summarised version of the journey that has led me to this point, there is no moral to this story, just thought I’d say a little about how I ended up where I am now ( in terms of motion anyways ).


My photography is another story, I’ll probably talk about that some other time.